Twist It. Click It. Lift It.

Fitlok Dumbbells


Easy transport and minimal home storage.


Manufactured from high quality stainless steel.


Build your dumbbells individually to suit your workout.

We Are revolutionising home fitness with our innovative fitlok dumbbells.

Fitlok dumbbells remove the inconvenience of traditional home-use dumbbells! No more screwing weights onto threaded bars or locking clips with standard weight discs. With Fitlok’s modular system, simply twist it, click it and lift it.

High in quality and precision engineered in Northern Ireland, Fitlok dumbbells provide a compact and durable alternative to take your home workouts to the next level.

Why You Need Fitlok Dumbbells In Your Life.

Our innovative Fitlok technology will change your workout routine forever.


Easy and fast adjustment of weights to suit your workout. Twist It. Click It. Lift It.


Premium quality stainless steel. 12 month warranty.


Our dumbbells can be customised to Include your own logo or brand.


Optional compact storage case with wheels & handle for easy transport and home storage.

Order your Fitlok Dumbbells today!

Delivery due within 4-6 weeks of ordering