Klink Dumbbell 8-20 Kg

Klink MODULAR DUMBBELLS Twist it. Click it. Lift it.

Klink Dumbbell

8-20 Kg

The heavier set in our range, create pairs of 8, 12, 16 & 20kg or build a single-weight dumbbell to 32kg.

Our unique Fitlok system makes it effortless to add or remove weight from the fixed dumbbell during your workout. Allocating a large area for dumbbells and barbells in your training space is no longer a requirement with klink.

Use the modules from this set alongside the compact Klink barbell to take your workout to the next level. This interchangeable system ensures minimal equipment with larger versatility.

The perfect

  • For staying in shape on the move
  • If space is a concern
  • If personal branding is important
  • If you favour stylish and sleek equipment
  • If you require a heavier weight range

Each set

8 kg fixed weights
2kg modules
4kg modules
storage case

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